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Spray tans Using only the best industry leading Moroccan tan solutions

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Nail Care

Various nailcare treatments are avilable, including Acrylic nails and

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Mobile Service

Cuteicals is a mobile services covering all of the Leeds Areas

Services Offered by Cuteicals

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Cuteicals is a mobile beauty service offering clients a first class service,

The services which I offer are detailed below, I am fully quailfied and insured for all of the services I offer and take great pride in the customer feedback I recieve for my services.





Mobile Spray Tanning Service Leeds

£22 per person or £20.00 if two or more per booking

Covering all of leeds and surrounding areas, using the industry leading Moroccan Tan solution. Have a very natural looking tan or go even darker if required.

cuteicals spray tans leeds mobile spray tanning leeds


Acrylic Nails (from £29)

I can transform many hands especially those who have short nail beds or those who bite their nails. I have trained with Entity products which are MMA FREE. MMA is methyl methacrylate which is dangerous to unsuspecting clients. The way to distinguish if MMA is being used is generally oriental techs using electric files and wearing masks. These acrylics are long lasting due to being etched onto the nail plate (electric file). The dangers are if you bang these nails they could result in losing your natural nail as they have no breaking point and the natural nail being damaged due to over filing of the natural nail. If you would like more info search MMA dangers.

Acrylics are not indestructive as the saying goes treat your nails as Jewels not tools. In other words you will need to learn how to do tasks using things other than your nails IE: don't open cans of pop etc.

The acrylics have a breaking point so if you bang them or catch them they will pop off your nail.

Depending on your lifestyle infils may be needed from as soon as a week.

To keep your acrylics in good condition you will need to avoid putting your hands in water for approximatley 4 hours after having them done and apply a cuticle oil as many times in the first day then twice daily thereafter. This stops them becoming brittle. Having your hands in water for prolonged periods of time will harm them. You'll need to wear gloves whenever you are using chemicals or doing tasks such as gardening. Another good thing to use is hand cream daily however make sure it is not oil based or this may cause lifting.

I have many different types of tips available if you would like to see my range please join


stiletto nails with gelish overlay acrylics with silver glitter gelish Acrylic nails with gelish rockstar layers


Gel polishes (from £22.00 fingers or toes £35 for both)

These go on natural nails (no extension) or can be applied over Acrylics. For natural nails these are an alternative to normal polish and can last upto 2-3 weeks depending on your lifestyle. The gel polish helps promote natural nail growth as they have keratin in and are a hit with nail biters who can see the progress their nails are making in the regrowth which is visible in the cuticle area. They put a protective layer on your nails and many report their nails are a lot stronger whilst wearing gel polishes.

I have trained with Hand and Nail Harmony who are the founders of Gelish and also use China glaze's Progel.

blue rockstar nails green gelish nails red pro gel nails


Rockstar Nails (from £25)

Are very popular for both fingers and toes. The term rockstar means glitter. I encapsulate the glitters in gel polish so can again be used on the natural nail or over Acrylics. I have many colours to chose from or if you have a colour in mind ask and I will try and source for you.

gold rockstar nails rockstar colour wheel


Nail Wraps (from £15.00 fingers or toes £25 for both)

Nail wraps better known as Minx Kooky or Trendy wraps are fantastic for those who dont want to have their nails polished, but still want the glitzy look for that special occasion or night out, they are a vynl type wrap which is contured to your nail and gives an instant new look and feel.
There are hundreds of colours and designs you can choose from including Minx Kooky, Trendy and many more.
The wraps will last around 2 weeks depending on your daily lifestyle and can last longer, toes they last from 3 weeks upwards with many clients still wearing them after 6 weeks.


pink nail wraps with crystals nail wraps with stones glitter gold nail wraps


Lash Lift & Tint £35

Patch test is required before booking.


Cuteicals lash lift and tint service lash lift and tint cuteicals

Fed up of having Panda eyes from rubbing eyes with Mascara on ? Feel like your lashes are flat and lifeless and want to loose the eyelash curlers ? Well the solution is here ! NOW AVAILABLE at Cuteicals. Lashes are lengthened and tinted to give appearance of mascara. No maintainance needed other than a quick brush with the mascar wand provided. Great for Holidays, Swimming (after 24 hours). allergy sufferers or if you just want no hassle lashes Lasts 6-8 weeks ( recommended to return 6 weekly to keep the lashes looking good ). PATCH TESTS ARE MANDATORY at least 48 hours before treatment no matter whether you have had this done elsewhere my insurance won't cover me without. Must be ok to have eyes closed for upto 1.5 hrs x

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Latest News

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Stiletto Nails
The latest must have in Acrylic nails seems to be Stiletto nails, either natural or topped with your favourite colour. These are very unqiue and really make you stand out from the crowd.(Nicole Scherzinger has them in the new muller de luxe corner advert )
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4 hour fast tan
From August I will be able to offer clients a fast 2-4 hour developing spray tan, using Moroccan tan. This is a fantastic new product which will allow for last minute bookings, so you can go to the ball.x
rockstar acrylic nails leeds
Rockstar Nails
Rockstar nails are glitters encapsulated in gel polish, which gives an amazing look and finish to your nails. These can be done on both natural nails and Acrylics.